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Redone Interiors!!!

DSC_0826DSC_0813DSC_0818DSC_0821The front room, the plaid room, and my sewing room without furniture…looks so different. Compare with the before pics!!! More finished interiors to come!

Jeff’s Garoffice!

Thank you Cabin Fever! This office/guesthouse is so cool!!!I think I decorated it exactly how it should be picking the exact right lighting fixtures!!


The ceiling inside is so cool…

Delay and roughly week 7-13

So….My computer crashed and I lost nearly everything a few years back but I found old phone photos!!!

bathroomphotoBathroom looking good!!! This is the custom countertop for the sink in the bathroom Matt Pope built for me!! Its so nice! The tile in the master bathroom also looks great! I drove out near Pomona to get a great deal on it and avoided shipping cost!


Exterior all painted! The original steps didn’t pass inspection so we had to have our own put in. Quite an inprovement. Love the concrete with the railroad tie planters!!! Can’t wait to get plants in at this point!

Week 5-House gets a test run and PAINT!


This was an especially exciting week. Things have been a little crazy with the move so you might see I’m playing a little catch-up (ketchup). But getting closer to done!

As most of you might know I work as a stylist and thought the house (with it being empty, fresh paint, and a new electrical system to handle large lights) would be a good place to shoot!!!

Cant wait for the photoshopped version!

The living room is still gray the door actually is in another room. Gray looks so nice in here!

the green is nice in the sewing room too!


on the outside of the house, I dotted color on the different parts to let painters know which colors should go where….




its going to look so cool in flat dark grey for most of the house with the cool faded bluish turquoise trim! now if only we could do something about that front yard!






Week 4- Doors and Salvage stores

There is a lot to buy when you are replacing so much in an old house! Bad doorknobs that don’t turn, mismatched ugly drawer and cabinet pulls floor grates that don’t line up with the new floor, sinks, sink handles, sink VALVES! toilets, shower faucets….the list goes on. Luckily being the resourceful gal I am I’ve come across a whole slew of supply warehouses, good websites, and salvage yards and have come across some amazing things! Special thanks to Mom and gen contractor Matt for their suggestions!

Hmm somethings missing…

Should find something here… most are too skinny to cover giant drill holes in doors

Much better! Got one more of these super cool ones for the other wood door that has carving that looks Mayan. Glass octagonals for the rest of the doors…

These were great options but too skinny to cover the doorknob hole…

so cool….

Gonna need some of these for floor vents. They wanted to put the new ductwork in the ceiling but original floor vents seem much more in line with the era. Plus doesn’t heat rise? Makes more sense to keep low and ceilings looking clean 🙂

Pasadena Architectural Salvage, right around the corner from Silverlake Salvage which is now in Pasadena (?) I love putting original items back in the house where they belong as long as they are in good condition, but most things are from that time before everything got so chintzy. Hardware shouldn’t be so disposable…

Didn’t buy it but looks cool anyway I just love old stuff 🙂  @zack

Was thinking about doing a source list page so everyone else can find cool things too!

Week 3- Cabinets- I get by with a little help from my friends.

The cabinets were problematic to say the least. The paint wasn’t properly suited and we did 6 coats! Needed some help and folks came through. Probably should have had the painters do it from the start but thought I could save a few bucks. Special shout out to Car, Dani, and Jeff. Everything is easier with a buddy!

So many cabinet doors!!!

Measure twice order once!


Start by removing zillions of hinges and cabinet clips! Thanks Dani!


A light sanding!


I get started on the primer!


Car rocks out shelves! Its like a real lifestyle ad for Crystal Geyser. Ahh…Crystal Geyser. Nothing goes better together than Crystal Geyser and painting!


So many shelves!


Some progress…kind of a mess

Go Jeffrey Longarms!!! Your skills are needed in the corner cabinets!

I’m going to wait to add cabinet doors until after the countertops go in! Its going to make such a difference!




oooooh! look at those espresso beauties! the best part is they look original! fooled the neighbors! they like them too. not sure why but when the front door is open people still poke their heads in. THE FOR SALE SIGN IS DOWN, PEEPLES!!! oh well, at least they are all nice 🙂 I’ve met 6 so far looking forward to more… 

Here they are unfinshed….


ALSO THE CARPET WAS INSTALLED!!!!!! Looks so great too! What else are you going to put in a log cabin room?


week 1- hvac

Things are happening!! Heater/AC guys here this week gutting the old heating unit and asbestos filled ductwork. Really glad this is happening. The heater was under the MIDDLE of the house you would have to crawl forever to change the filter. And besides that its totally weird under there. One night i saw a light on under the house but couldn’t tell where it was coming from or how to get there.

The old unit had dirt falling in all around it and in it and was totally in bad shape. Also, they thought there were a few asbestos wrapped pipes. Turns out some jerks put new ductwork around asbestos ductwork so the heater was literally blowing in old asbestos! SO glad to have gotten all of it removed finally! NEW ductwork. Funny things left under the house too. An old tire, rat chewed gym equipment, etc….


whatta mess!

Old intake register…unfortunately not up to code. Sadly had to lose yet another drawer in cute built-in…

space for new intake register

kitchen duct

NEW A/C! the house only had heat before but it made sense to add this now and attach to new ductwork. Heater in crawlspace…




week one-kitchen floors saga continues

ok. i lost my marbles. no decision made. this is more what i had in mind but discounted it at first because it only comes in tiles. big tiles tho.


yes i am aware my nails need help….i think this is beautiful and my kitchen chairs are orange and yellow, a fact i forgot about til this morning


week one- kitchen floors

the day after the wood floor demo was done i (trying to save money wherever i can so i can get the most done in this house as possible) began the not so fun task of tile demolition to make way for the new groovy linoleum floors. my plan for the kitchen is to have a beautiful all white kitchen with a beautiful aqua blue floor. picking a floor was as hard as the demo


it begins…


safety first!



weapon of choice!

progress being made…at about this point i was getting pretty worn out and bored mentally (2.5 hours in…) so i decided to go home and recruit jeff. everything is better with a buddy! he was a big help even with a hurt shoulder (trampoline dodgeball incident)

So back to the picking of colors….i decided on white lacquer flat front cabinet doors for a modern look but wanted to make a little more midcentury with a cool linoleum. initially, my first pick was this lovely vinyl by Lonseal in a color called “mist” which is also my sister’s nickname which made me like it more.


its more turquoise than this…


but less turquoise than this…

it is a beautiful color with just the right amount of olive green flecking to mask dirt and light pink to balance the dark. not too busy or marble-y (don’t want it looking like school gym) the problem is i carried around for a week in my bag and it made my hand itch :/ i as well as my mother have a latex allergy and hers is worse than mine and i wanted her to be able to come visit. also latex allergies get worse the more you are exposed.

anyway, i thought “well maybe its just the backing, when i put the floor down it will be covered” well, problem number two. all the linoleum guys we saying on the vinyl you WILL see a seam. my seam happens to be right down the middle of the floor…oops. back to the drawing board. i didn’t really want vinyl anyway, linoleum is more green of a product and is natural and breathes so moisture wont get trapped underneath and is supposed to last longer and most importantly COSTS LESS.


The “mist” vinyl is on the left and marmoleum in the middle. we initially felt this one was too busy but i thought i would get a large sample and try it in the kitchen. too hard to tell with these tiny guys. the color is called “pool party” i also thought about this one…


we ended up choosing a more monochromatic color called “fresh fountain” that’s how i want my kitchen to feel. ahhh.


the new kitchen cabinet doors are going to look so nice with this i’ll give you a sneak peek of cabinets and countertop…

bianco river silestone


not totally set on these being the handles i can put whichever on there

think floor install is going to happen next week gotta get old cabinet doors taken off and cabinet painted in the meantime…